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包装,包裹 v. 这是原型wrapp的过去分词及过去式

英音 [ rpt ] 点击发音; 美音 [ rpt ] 点击发音副词极高兴的,十分满意的词形变化:时态:.同义词:draped,mantled,cloaked,clothed;absorbed,engrossed,enwrapped,intent,captive.反义词:unwrapped.英语句子Word wrap词语换行wrap a

wrapping ['rpi] vt.wrap的变形n.[常作复数]包装材料;包装纸adj.包装用的wrap [rp] vt.1. 包裹住;围住:例句: to wrap a baby in a blanket用毯子把婴儿裹起来2. 覆盖;遮掩;包围;隐蔽:例句: a town wrapped in fog被雾笼罩的城市3. 将

Leather Wrapped 皮革包裹spoke leather wrapped steering wheel 原厂皮环双语例句 1.The steering wheel on the CTS-V is leather wrapped and incorporates a realaluminium bezel. 关于中旅方向盘- V的皮革包裹,并集成了一个真正的铝面板.

gift-wrapped生词本v.用美丽的纸张及缎带包装( gift-wrap的过去式 )网 络包成礼物;精美的包装;礼品包装的;将…包装成礼品双语例句1. In the examination paper Qestion 2 was a gift. 考卷中第二道题是个送分题. (本句中的gift不 可换用

individually wrapped意思是:单独包装;独立包装;单独包装的例句:1.Each apple was individually wrapped in paper.每个苹果都用纸单独包着 .2.The chocolates are individually wrapped in gold and silver foil.巧克力分别用金箔纸和银箔纸包装

意思是:到达 等同于 get to 手工翻译尊重劳动欢迎提问感谢采纳

wrapping (noun) : The material in which something is warpped (某东西已被包装完成)如: the wrappings of a mummy 木乃伊的包裹物wrapper (noun) : Something that is wrapped around something else as a cover or protection. (某东西已被包装物料覆盖)如: weet wrappers / package wrappers 糖果包装纸/包装材料

歌曲名:wrapped歌手:kelly willis专辑:what i deserveCame home a little early last night shed not a tear when I turned out the lightNo I don't hurt like I used toDidn't wait for the knock on my door drawer in the room ain't empty anymoreSo many got


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