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Nationalist China中国的民族主义双语对照词典结果:网络释义1. 国民党中国例句:-----------------------------------如有疑问欢迎追问!满意请点击右上方【选为满意回答】按钮

俄罗斯城市,列宁的出生地Ulyanovsk (Russian: Ульяновск), formerly Simbirsk (Симбирск), is a city on the Volga River in Russia, 893 km east from Moscow. It is the administrative center of Ulyanovsk Oblast, and the birthplace of Vladimir Lenin.

展开全部菲律宾共和国(他加禄语:Republika ng Pilipinas)位于亚洲东部,由太平洋的菲律宾群岛(7107个岛屿)及其周边大小岛屿组成. 1菲律宾比索 = 0.148086886 人民币 【国名】 菲律宾共和国 Republic of the Philippines.代码PH 【别

WNP=Welsh Nationalist Party (英国)威尔士国民党 你可能打错字了,多打了一个N

lasts:lasts,v.耐用;幸免于;延续例句使用:1、Celebration of chinese new year lasts half a month.中国新年的庆祝延续有半个月的时间.2、I prefer something that looks nice and lasts well.我倒喜欢好看又耐用的东西.3、In case the accident

英语叫法,当然.国民党叫Kuomintang,也叫Nationalist Party.

rabid 英[rbd] 美[rbd] adj. 狂热的; 狂暴的; 疯狂的; 患狂犬病的; [例句]The party has distanced itself from the more rabid nationalist groups in the country.此党派与国内较偏激的民族主义团体保持了距离.

Nationalist Spain佛朗哥时期

He established the Chinese Benevolent Association to provide support to the Chinese immigrants in Toronto. He was the president of local Chinese Nationalist Society in


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