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mysql 修改存储过程名

存储过程重命名:sp_rename 'oldProc','newProc','object' 实际上只要了解了sp_rename 就行了,至于参数要根据你重命名的对象有关

方法如下: 修改mysql 存储过程的definer修改mysql.proc表 的definer字段 update mysql.proc set definer='root@%' where db='servant_591up'; UPDATE `mysql`.`proc` SET `definer`='root00@%' WHERE `db`='test' AND `name`='jjjj' AND `type`...

ALTER ROUTINE——更改存储过程权限 CREATE ROUTINE——创建存储过程权限 EXECUTE——执行存储过程权限


show create procedure myProc

给你个示例参考下(用动态语句执行): 有个输入参数引用名字错了,改了下: /*接口*/ create procedure p_test ( in i_table_name varchar(50), -- 表名 in i_field_name varchar(50), -- 字段名 in i_field_value varchar(50), -- 列值 in i_where...

1) declare a char(16); declare done boolean default false; declare cur cursor for select * from `test`; declare continue handler for not found set done = true; 2) fetch cur into a;

update table_name set province=case level when 1 then 'A'when 3 then 'B'end

ALTER PROCEDURE proc_name [characteristic ...] characteristic: { CONTAINS SQL | NO SQL | READS SQL DATA | MODIFIES SQL DATA } | SQL SECURITY { DEFINER | INVOKER } | COMMENT 'string' This statement can be used to change the char...


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