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App 是Application 的缩写,是应用程序的入口和出口,一般在这里处理一些启动和退出程序时需要读取或写入的设置信息,还有设置一些全局变量

DVI接口的效果好,速度快,画面清晰. 如果有就不用VGA的了. 下面是具体的DVI技术信息,你看看就明白了. ***************************** DVI全称为Digital Visual Interface,是1999年由Silicon Image、Intel(英特尔)、Compaq(康柏)、IBM

The chamber has a multiplicity of stress relief notches (also known as flex ports) formed on both sides at the base of the chamber Substantially along the entire length of the chamber. Each stress relief notch is formed between a respective pair of

start Fraps minimized启动最小化minimizedv.把…减至最低数量[程度]( minimize的过去式和过去分词 ); 对(某事物)作最低估计,极力贬低(某事物)的价值[重要性]; 例句:1.Huntington minimized the power of universal political values and exaggerated theinfluence of distinct cultural values. 亨廷顿将普遍政治价值观的力量最小化,又夸大独特文化文化价值观的影响力.

There are many reasons people commit crime.Here are some thoughts.a.Some do it think that they are too smart to get caught.They also may have minimized the


minimize: [ minimaiz ] v. 将减到最少 [计算机] 最小化 [ 名词minimization ] [ 过去式minimized 过去分词minimized 现在分词minimizing 第三人称单数minimizes ] 例句与用法 1. To minimize the risk of burglary, install a good alarm system. 安装可靠的


diversification [dai,v:sifi'kein; di-]n.【商业】(投资的)经营多样化,多样化的经营(一地区企业)布局多样化多样化,形形色色The idea behind diversification is to invest in a large number of assets so that aloss in any particular investment is minimized by gains in others. 多元化背后的想法是投资一个数额巨大的资产,这样任何特定投资的损失都被其他投资获得的收益最小化了

Well as the name indicates, the student should always strive for excellence. The student should be eager and enthusiastic about learning and absorbing new knowledge. The student should view education as the top priority, and other leisure


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