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in thE pAst yEArs用什么时态

答案是:in the pastyears用于一般过去时。 in the past years 读音:英 [ɪn ðə pɑːst jɪəz] 美 [ɪn ðə pæst jɪrz] 释义:过去几年。 语法:基本意思是“持续”“耐久”。引申可表示“够…之...

在过去的两年里,用现在完成时 例如 In the past two years, fitness has become a fad. 过去2年来,健美已蔚为风尚 The famous writer______one new book in the past two years. [ ] A. is writing B. was writing C. wrote D. has written 正...

in the last years和in the past years 都用现在完成时. in the last years"在最近几年"和in the past years “在过去的几年”,都是截止到“现在”的“几年”.所以跟现在完成时相吻合.

in the past three years 在过去的三年里 通常用于现在完成时 They have finished the work in the past three years.

in the past years 在过去的几年里 例句 1.Real incomes have gone up by 10% in the past year. 去年实际收入提高了10%. 2.These things happened in the past years. 这些事情都发生在过去的年代里。 3.Oil prices jumped in the past year. ...

in/over the past +一段时间:用于现在完成时态。 因为这个时态是从现在算起以前。 In the past fifty years or so, scientists have been able to see farther and farther into the sky.

强调到目前为止的状况(即结果),用现在完成时;仅描述在过去这段时间里发生的事情,用过去时: China has added tens of thousand miles to its high-speed railroad networks in the past few years. I made many mistakes in the past few y...

时间状语"in the past 10 years" ,可以知道这个动作发生在以现在为立足点的时间轴的过去,且这个动作对现在有影响可判断为现在完成时。




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