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i wAnt to mAkE lovE with you

原文翻译为: 我想与你做羞羞的事情。 希望题主幸福。 供参考。

I want to make love with you 我想和你爱爱 1 I want to make love with you one last time. 我想跟你作最后一次爱。 2 when we can't afford love, than never walk close to it's shopwindow preoccupied with happiness, but, i want to mak...

I want to make love with you 我想和你做爱


i want to make love with you 我想和你做爱 双语对照 例句: 1. I want to make plans with you. 我想和你一起计划未来。 ----------------------------------- 如有疑问欢迎追问! 满意请点击右上方【选为满意回答】按钮

Friendship means a special emotion to me.It\\'s a precious spirit that different from the love between families,lovers,but it\\'s important ,even sometimes more important than those emotions.Friendship is the most clean and ref...


我就知道西域男孩 my love for you 有类似歌词。你听听看是不是 nothing's gonna change my love for you if i had to live my life without you near me the days would all be empty the nights would seem so long with you i see forever oh...

i really want to make love with you goodnight sister 我真的想和你make love,晚安sister W3: I really want to know more about the English education in China. 偶非常想对中国的英语教育状况多一些了解。

是不h是Kelly Clarkson--Already Gone 歌词: remember all the things we wanted 我们想要记得过去的一r切5 now all our memories, they're haunted 可现在我们所有的记忆3都缠绕在心1头 we were always meant to say goodbye 这意味着我们该分...


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