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רҵ֪ʶ˫մʵ:expertise[Ӣ][eksp:ti:z][][eksprtiz]n.ר֪ʶ; רҵ; ר,; ܸΪף,ѧϰⲻ,IJҴĶʲô,׷ǵòŶ~~

expertise Ӣ[eksp:ti:z] [eksp:rti:z] n. ר֪ʶ; רҵ; ר,; [] ; רż; רż; []So it makes sense that the traders with the most expertise in the market would come from the bank.,гоĽԱԸҲ.[] ν: experting expertism expertize

ר ˫ ʵ:technical expertise [] ; [] ; ܸΪ ף,ѧϰ ʲô,׷ ǵòŶ~~

Ϊ ר֪ʶ; רҵ; ר,;


managerial expertise ָרҵ֪ʶ.managerial experience ָľ.ߵҪexpertiseexperience .expertise n. 1.ר֪ʶ;רż2.רҼexperience n. 1.,[U][(+of/in)]2.,[C]ﶯ vt. 1.;2.;

professional expertiseרҵ1.To contribute to the effective rollout of Business Unit Customer Service projects, through contribution of professional expertise and leadership. ͨרҵܼ쵼,ЧпͷҵԪĿʵ.

õ,ʺø.1. Please kindly make a list of yours expertise.гרķ.2. How do you fill the gaps in your expertise?ֲרżȱ?3. Due to their expertise in a necessary field of study оеרż

רҵ֪ʶ˫մʵ:expertise[Ӣ][eksp:ti:z][][eksprtiz]n.ר֪ʶ; רҵ; ;

technical expertise


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