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dishes 英['dz] 美['dz] n. 盘( dish的名词复数 );餐具;一盘食物;外貌有吸引力的人 [例句]For every meal at home I would then have to clean and dry the dishes.在每一顿在家的餐食之后,我还得清洗和烘干餐具.

dishes pl. 餐具,碗盘,菜肴 That dish is too shallow to serve soup in. 那只盘子太浅了,不能盛汤 His favorite dish is roast duck. 他最喜欢吃的菜是烤鸭.

dish 一道菜 可数名词,one dish , two dishes meal 一顿饭,可指早中晚任意一餐饭.可数名词. a meal, two meals.

dishes ['diiz] n. 菜肴;餐具(dish的复数)盘子奶油碟短语Chinese dishes中国菜Cook dishes做菜Ordering dishes点菜recommending dishes推荐菜品Vegetable dishes蔬菜盘;素菜Vegetarian dishes素菜Introducing Dishes菜肴介绍The Dishes该菜肴;从菜品;碟子不用擦干Main dishes主菜

do the dishes (饭后)洗餐具; 例句: 1. I'll mop if you'll do the dishes. 如果你去洗碗,我可以抹地板. 2. No, that's ok. I'll stay here and do the dishes. 我才不去,好吧,我就留在这儿洗盘子

doingdo the dishes洗餐具

dishes[英]['dz] [美]['dz] 生词本 简明释义抄 n.盘( dish的名bai词复数 );餐具;一盘食物;外du貌有吸引力的人 以下结果由 金山词霸 提供 柯林斯zhi高阶英汉词典 网络释义1.N-COUNT盘;碟;碗A dish is a shallow container with a

名词 n. [C]1.碟,盘Mary put the peaches in a white dish. 玛丽将桃子装在一个白盘子里. 2.一盘菜;菜肴Fried eggs are my favorite dish. 煎蛋是我最喜爱的菜. 3.(用过的所有)餐具[the P]I'll do the dishes tonight. 今晚我洗餐具. 4.碟状物;反射

dishes 主要指菜 meals 主要指饭

dishes是dish的复数形式,可以解释为“餐具”、 “菜肴”.如: Take out the dishes and silverware拿出餐具和银餐具;wash the dishes洗涮餐具


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