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culture 是名词 你可说中国文化 Chinese cultures (可用复数 表示各种文化)传统文化 traditional culture 而cultural 是形容词 如文化冲突 cultural conflits 文化多样性 cultural diversity 请采纳,,谢谢

cultural_百度翻译 cultural 英[kltrl] 美[kltrl] adj. 文化的;教养的,修习的;耕作的,开垦的,栽培[培养]的 [例句]The real problem is political and cultural.真正的问题是政治和文化问题.

culture和civilization的区别 The difference between culture and civilization culture 文化 范围很广,表示一切行为和活动,包含文明.Culture ; culture range is very wide, said all acts and activities, including civilization.civilization 文明 这个人或事物是

英文单词:culture 翻译中文意思|用法|音标| culture: [ 'klt ] n. 文化,教养,种植 词形变化: 动词过去式:cultured 过去分词:cultured 现在分词:culturing 第三人称单数:cultures 例句与用法: 1. Beijing is a good city for anyone who is

cultural adj. 文化的 eg.cultural exchange,文化交流 cultural differences文化差异 cultural heritage文化遗产 culture n. 文化, 文明 eg.culture town 文娱场所

cultural 英[kltrl]美[kltrl]adj. 文化的;教养的,修习的;耕作的,开垦的,栽培[培养]的[例句]we must avoid cultural elitism.我们必须避免文化精英主义.

Cultural differencesOnce, on a web site, I saw an article whose author said,“Don't wear your shoes into a Japanese house. And don't stick your chopsticks into your rice and leave them standing thereotherwise my wife will kill you”. I was



您好,很高兴为您解疑答惑: cultural和cultured均为名词culture的派生形容词,但cultural表示“文化的”,“与文化有关的”[of or related to culture];而cultured却表示“有教养的”,“有文化的” 我的回答你还满意吗?望采纳,谢谢!



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