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approach英 [prt] 美 [prot]vt.接近,走近,靠近;vt.接近; 着手处理; 使移近; 试图贿赂(或影响,疏通)n.方法; 途径; 接近;[例句]Try to approach her the right way. she's dead if scared of policemen and you will get

however的用法 一般情况however都是和but区别使用的. 辨析 however和 but 二者都意为“可是,但是”; but是并列名词,连接两个并列分句,上下二句在总的意义上构成了对比. I really don't like cheese, but I will try just a little this time.我实在是


approached caution:接近警告!splatter:v.结结巴巴的说;(使)水飞溅. n.飞溅

n.所有,持有; v.有( have的现在分词 ) (亲属关系中) 接受; 拿; 买到; [例句][ I approached the situation by] laying out all the potential outcomes and having a real conversation about: is this a bet-the-ranch move? (我的介入是通过)列举出所有可能的结果,做一次认真的交谈:这是一个孤注一掷的行动吗? [其他]形近词: saving waving caving

是被动语态,to 后面是原型,be approached 是被动.

However的用法主要有以下两点: (一)用作连接副词,相当于no matter how,引导 无论如何,我将会相信你的话.However I approached the problem, I couldn't find a

verso 英[v:s] 美[v:rso] n. (书的) 左页,(书的)封底,反面; [例句]The study caps a process initiated two years ago when National Geographic approached Verso to explore the idea.这项研究是两年前《国家地理》与科罗维纸在探讨方法的过程中被启示的.[其他] 复数:versos

/t/ ['prut] 清辅音后发/t/


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