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AnnEkEi議ゞPArADisE〃 梧簡

梧爆兆:Paradise梧返:Annekei廨辞:AnnekeiParadiseAnnekeiDon't come claim this day is realI can't explain the way I feelI just wanna lay you downshow some emotionsDon't start telling me you are in loveIt's too good to be going onI've been

梧爆兆:Paradise梧返:Mans Zelmerlow廨辞:Stand By For´ParadiseMans ZelmerlowStand By ForleikefangViolently, falling for destinyIt should be you and meRiding horizons, invisiblyCreating a harmonyA path for you and meThe world's at our

梧爆兆:Paradise梧返:Tavares廨辞:It Only Takes A Minute: A Lifetime With TavaresBruce Springsteen - ParadiseWhere the river runs blackI take the schoolbooks from your packPlastics, wire and your kissThe breath of eternity on your lipsIn the

梧爆兆:PARADISE梧返:囁崔撹廨辞:PARADISEPARADISE囁崔撹恬簡:AILI恬爆:Shinichi Osawa降れない嵳 計れる city lightso i do not need no navigationがしい篇順 敬びむ in my lifei wanna change my situationまた療こえて

梧爆兆:paradise梧返:angra廨辞:fireworksSince the time of the ancientsWhen gladiators foughtTurning movements of action to passionTheir life was a gameSee the blood of the bodiesSpilling onto the floor?How could people applaud itIt's

Paradise簡爆:蛎粲根處蟹:蛎粲根Moon up on the sea so highThinking with beauty in eyesMay you love at the first sightWaiting for my loveMoon planted in the paradiseShow me the way to loveMay you love at the first sightWaiting for your

梧爆兆:paradise梧返:edguy廨辞:kingdom of madnessI've just returned to give you fearsTo bring you pain as much as tearsYou'll never know what's in my mindIt's an invitation to my wayPray to me or you will payWhen I'm smiling what's behind

梧爆兆:Paradise梧返:朔儲寔錬廨辞:握冱匐if u can find (the) paradisewhat u gonna do ?just u can feel (the) paradiseAh Sexyな棺圀しいモノを笥にしたいでしょAh 厘蛸とかしないでひと房いに挫きにすればいいい禅握じゃ怎しない釈

梧爆兆:Paradise梧返:硬紅畔胆廨辞:Love Lifeif u can find (the) paradisewhat u gonna do ?just u can feel (the) paradiseAh Sexyな棺圀しいモノを笥にしたいでしょAh 厘蛸とかしないでひと房いに挫きにすればいいい禅握じゃ怎しない

梧爆兆:Paradise梧返:Coldplay廨辞:2012 Grammy NomineesParadiseColdplayOo-oo-oo, oo-oo-oo, oo-oo-ooOo-oo-oo, oo-oo-oo, oo-oo-ooWhen she was just a girlShe expected the worldBut it flew away from her reachSo she ran away in her



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