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你好 很高兴回答你的问题 翻译为:做为一名中学生在校园内应该按时到校As a middle school student on campus should get to school on time望采纳谢谢

Student should arrive at school on time.

It's important for students to come to school on time.

i went to beijing last year and fell in love with it. now popular dress. i hope you can realize your dream. as a student, you should finish your homework on time. my brother is good at english.

Students should follow the school rules and regulations. To wear uniforms in school, to complete the job seriously and to school on time, do not be late; in the library, reading room reading to keep quiet; friendly with the students. School rules to make

As a good student should go to school on time and keep tidy(clean)

As middle school students,we have to learn how to properly behave.The codes of conduct for us are as follows.Firstly,being polite and friendly to other people,both the teachers and the fellow students.secondly,all of us students are responsible for the

School time is longer, can do more homework, facilitate unified management students to the time how to translate into English记得给满意哦 谢谢了

As a high school student the most important thing is to abide by the school get to school on time don't smoke listen carefully in class after class to review should also learn to communicate to the classmate to help each other to share at home for their

我是一名中学生:How about I am a middle school student.我是一名大学生用英文I'm a junior in the university.我是大三学生I'm a senior in the universityI'm a college student.我是个大学生I'm an undergraduate student;m a freshman in the university.我是大一学生I'm a sophmore in the university.我是个大学本科学生I'm a postgraduate student.


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