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I just learned that Lisa was resigned. Since she played an important role in the design department for the EPR project, I'd like to know whom will replace her role? I'll communicate with that person directly if there're any issues in the future. 上次有个翻译我的回答被百度给删掉了.不好意思.

你知道每个词的意思,但是翻译不出来,是因为你的词组量小了1、“ask leave”请假;“call on”拜访,号召;“spare sb some time”为某人腾出时间 -----这样句意较明了,尝试自己翻一下2、“in return”反过来;【翻译】他被给予了这么多

这个有好几种不同的翻译吧,如果是上级给下级,可以说:I have asked Mr(or Mrs)XX to take charge of QC oeration, please contact him(or her) directy, thank you!如果是平级,可以说:The QC job has been in the charge of Mr XX, not me any more , pls contact him directly in future, thank you!

CAR Ref if Minor这个应该是说,如果只是小问题,参见汽车的手册Under 1375 V during 2 sec failed at > 10 mA 电压1375V,时间2秒,故障当电流超过10毫安

as the beginner, i have the splendid learning capability and to dareto innovate, unceasingly pursues in the practice remarkably; as参与者, i have the honest credible moral character, the rich teamcooperation spirit; as the leader, i have work

1.Because I talked to you a lot, I can understand it better when people talk to me in English.2. I think I figured out which material you are talking about.3.The meaning of the story "Little Horse Crosses The River" is to tell people that they won't know the result unless they actually do it.楼上用软件翻译的

A We have decide to go out somewhere next week.What (do) you think!B Is that true? No one has told me about that.A Of cause it's true.Now tell me where should we go?B What about the Ab Park!A That a good place to go.Is there anywhere else?

Negotiate fabulously in Internation Trading Meeting

Dealing with matters of daily office operations, hospitality customers visit, to help businesses contributed to the success of the transaction. Extracted by telephone to the customer views the product, the timely processing of product quality problems

Attached please find the copy of the Purchasing Order of our company. Please make sure that all goods could be arrived before 20th Oct. Any delay could not be occured.



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