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我们是同一年出生的,一起上小学,初中,高中分开了,但是我们依然离得很近.We was born in the same year, in elementary school, junior high school, high school separated, but we're still close.

Six years of primary school life, is about to leave, we will have to become a youth, learning from the 3 into 7 subjects From the heart into! Do not want to leave my students, so every time the pain, but I am strong! Also, with my heart of heart has been

But since middle school, because we rarely do not contact in the same school,, so our relationship gradually fades.

we are doing school in the same school.

ripe (这些是熟的桃子) ripe(那些是熟的桃子) We/They(我们/他们在同一个班级)Our/Their(我们/他们的老师是高小姐) her(海伦通常在晚上做她的作业.) our/their(格林教我们/他们的英语) teaching(他很喜欢教)like后可加动词ing形式. We/They(我们在同一所学校)

Our primary schools are in the same school 我们小学初中都在同一所学校

我的知心朋友是我初中同学也是我小学同学,现在到高中了,我们不在同一个学校,我很想念她!她是一个品德很好的女孩,我们经常一起交谈我们的心里话,遇到比较烦的问题,我们都是一起商量,然后一起去面对.my intimate friend was

We study in the same school and we all love our school .

When it comes to friendship, everyone has his friends who play together from childhood to adulthood, including me. My good friend is my neighbor, who is of the same age as I. We go to the same elementary school, the same junior high school and

all 我们都在同一所学校 这里用“always”意思有些牵强



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