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我们是同一年出生的,一起上小学,初中,高中分开了,但是我们依然离得很近 We was born i

We are righteousness personified We are on the s

We had a good time last night. 或者 We enjoyed our

We can study together, what do you think?

After working hard for three years,we got into the

一楼的明显是翻译机翻的 No matter hao far we have been sep

我和李华住的很近,我们经常一起步行去上学,英语怎么翻译 首页 问题 全部英语 李华 上学

I have a pen pal in England. Her name is Amy. He i

Do you like BeiJing? If you don't mind,you can

After tomorrow is full of two months, my dear, we


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