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英语作文 假如你是李华,你们班将选拔三名同学参加学校组织的辩论赛。

Dear Mark: This Sunday 9:00 am our class will arrange a voluntary labor in Longting Park of east city,we will at the school gate collection; wear casual clothes; go ride a bike; 3 labor to four in the afternoon, bring their own lunch.

Our class will select 3 students to participate in the debate competition organized by the school 我们班将选拔3名同学参加学校组织的辩论赛

Dear Mr Smith, Hi, I am Lihua,Our school have a English speech,we want you to take part in this speech,because you speak English very much!Please come and tell your advice.It is from nine o'clock to ten o'clock on 15th Sptember.It is in school libabry floor 2.All the English is come!Please come!Thinks.

发不上去到这里看吧 完整版的 http://10wbook.cn/html/mianfeiyl/2009/0416/3743.html

Dear Kelly,I've been waiting to say all these and even more to you since I met you at the cultural exchange week. It might surprise you that I am writing to you; but you know, sometimes where there is too much to say, a man prefers writing to all else.

[图文] 假如你是李华,你们学校最近开展了创建"平安校园"的活动.你们班为此组织主题班会, 请你用英语写一篇发言稿,谈一谈你对如何创建"平安校园"的一些想法.短文应该包括下 面的内容: 1、安全意

1. Thank you John a while in the United States for your attention: 2. Your English level improved, but also to understand the local conditions and customs of the United States a lot; 3. You are very like a Joh to the countryside outing, and chat with local

Hello Kelly,Last week, I had a great time in the activity and learned a lot from it. I made some new friends there and knew more about your culture. I also want to thank you for letting me stay at your house. I had a great time staying with you. You are my

情景作文(20分) 假设你是李华.你们班上个月参加了学校的艺术节活动.请根据以下四幅图的先后顺序,介绍你们班从准备到活动结束的全过程,给校刊英语园地写一篇以“Our Art Festival”为题的英


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