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Lunar new years eve the night stays up all night on new years eve?ringing out the old and ring in the new .

What key can run itself? 什么钥匙自己会跑? Monkey. (猴) 2.What is the most difficult key to turn? 什么钥匙最难拧? Donkey. (驴) 3.My name start with a C and end with an L. I live in the desert, a hard place to live. I can carry


最低0.27元/天开通百度文库会员,可在文库查看完整内容> 原发布者:wsjxx20121.whatisthelongestwordintheworld? key:smile.谜语解析:因为两个S隔了一里(mile)2.whatletterisananimal?key--B(Bee) 哪个字母e68a84e79fa5e

狼来啦(打一水果)答案:杨梅 羊来了(打一水果)答案:草莓

第1回答者第三题答不对了,不是年龄:)~~1.What never asks questions but must be answered? 什么东西从来不会提问题但会回答问题.(答案是“The telephone”电话)2. What is dark but is made by light ?什么东西由光引起,但本身却是

.have you heard the saying: what goes up must come down? well what goes up and never goes down? 2.my thunder comes before my lightning. my lightning comes before my rain. my rain dries up all the land it touches. what am i? 3.you can see it,

Two little brothers,live near each other.One lives on one side,the otherlives on the other side.They hear what you say,but they don't see each other. (打一感觉器官)两个小兄弟.住在对面.一个在这边.一个在那边.他们听到你说的话.但他们看不到对方

Kangaroo 袋鼠Snowman 雪人

翻译是: guess a riddle about a character/word 解释:guess 英[ges] 美[s] vt. 推测; 猜测,臆测; 猜中; 假定,认为; vi. 猜,猜测; 猜对; n. 猜测; 推断; [例句]The suit was faultless: Wood guessed that he was a very successful publisher


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