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英语高手请帮忙,帮忙翻译一下这段个人简介。在线等。。。拜托 。。。

2009 the XX accounting professional school study, university as a student union had girl's department director general, and the members to undertake the success had major art performance. Once in the school holds the accounting computerization

Increased sharply since the 1950 s, the world's population, industrial development is rapid. Global water situation to deteriorate rapidly, "water crisis" has become increasingly serious. On the one hand, human demand for water resources

Hello! I am very glad to be able to come here to interview. Thank you very much for the opportunity, and I hope that I am able to make a good impression. I am applying for the position of foreign trade salesperson within this company. My name is Bing

The content is as follows:Mr./Mrs. fellow are good, my name am Zhang Renxiang, graduates in the Henan Shangqiu Normal school's Chinese department Chinese language study specialty. My family lives in the school, my mother is a singing master

Hello, every parent!I, XX, who majored in Preschool and minored in XX (field) and graduated from East China Normal University, is now a teacher responsible for No. # Class of XX Kindergarten. I feel very glad to meet every parent and their children

Good morning/afternoon.My name is Li Ting and English name is Eva.I graduated this July in Shengzheng Unversity and my major is EXHIBITION DESIGN.I am extroverted and easy-going.Also I am hard-working and conscientious.In my school life I

I'am an optimistic and confident girl, classmates all consider me as a talented girl, but i think this is due to my parents, with their upbringing and painstaking car, i act aggressively, they also sent me to the local best middle school, so I studyed much

RESUMEName: *** Age: 35 Birthplace: Hengnan ,Hunan ProvinceEducational Level: Undergraduate Title: Middle School first-degrre teacher Mandarin level: Upper Second English: CET-6 (verbal fluency) Telephone; Learning experience: 1993 -

as the beginner, i have the splendid learning capability and to dareto innovate, unceasingly pursues in the practice remarkably; as参与者, i have the honest credible moral character, the rich teamcooperation spirit; as the leader, i have work

I am ## , a 19 years old boy with a wide hobby , such as sporting , swimming and making ftiend . I am interesting in computer expacielly in opreating ,moreover, I have a good working experience since I left school . I am suer that I can do this work well ! Thank you!(简单了点,名字自己加上去哦.如果是口头表达就在最前面加上Hello every one:)



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