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汤姆是4岁的现在.他的父亲工程在一所中学的教师和体育那里.他的母亲工程在一间店铺和他的奶奶期待后,他在家里.该名男童是聪明的,始终鞋,他知道比他更小的朋友太多. 一上午,汤姆的父亲左较早.学校在他的工程要举行一次体育

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1、汤姆4岁,爸爸是一所中学的体育老师,妈妈在一家商店工作,奶奶负责在家照看他.他很聪明,老爱在小伙伴们面前炫耀他知道得比他们多. 一天早上,爸爸很早就离开了家,因为他任教的学校要举行运动会,当然,他将会比学校的其他

Sumatra in Indonesia's tropical forests, grows a very unusual plant, whose name is big plants, known as the world's largest flower. This parasitic plant has a plant in the world's largest flower, it lives only one flower, flowers can grow to three feet in

要使我们城市的天更蓝水更清,我们还的做大量的工作.(before) we should make a lot of work before we can make the sky bluer and the water cleaner in our city.在过去的十年中,这个地区发生了翻天覆地变化.(happen) In the past decade, the

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when we two parted 昔日依依惜别George Gordon Byron拜伦(1788--1824),与雪莱、济慈一起被认为是英国浪漫主义时期第二代诗人中的杰出代表

Jane was very busy yesterday, like some more work in the office all night. Her friend Jack and Mary to her to see her. They waited a long time. Like some more finally completed her work. She came home at nine o 'clock. But Mary and Jack had

Blood Fat Room Blood storage room Reception Advisory Room Director of the Room Blood Donor Services Blood examination Division Blood Donor Room Blood Collection Room House donors Lounge Observation Room Preparation of blood

From an aspiring youth with ambitious dreams to becoming a “gentleman” who was a sycophant of the rich as well as a fame and fortune seeker, one aspect that had caused this transformation of Eugene Rastignac was the social influence which


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