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In international trades we should be aware of the difference between cultures.We came across an old friend who we had not met for years.David studied every picture twice, and carefully read the instructions of the pictures.His straightforward answer

1. You are a responsible good teacher, I hope you can continue to help me improve english 2. Hope we can become friends

1. That the old chair should be thrown away. (Throw away) 2. I am tired of all these controversies through the. (Be tired of) 3. Their request was denied. (Have sth. Done) 4. Her death is extremely shocked us. (Come) 5. He seems to make a living by

1.There are one Music teacher and one Art teacher in this school 2.There are two American and two French among guests 3.The weather broadcast says the gale is coming this afternoon 4.The light is on,so there must be somebody in the

1、秦统一前后,印度的孔雀王朝曾盛极一时. In the years of Qin Dynasty's unification, Maurya Dynasty in India had been in fashion for a period. 2、印度大约在公元前221

1.周末我们俩去农场好吗?(what about)What about going to the farm at the weekend?2.一个好的记者懂得怎样把自己的文章与读者联系起来.(relate.to)A good jounalist knows how to relate its article to the r

basis 虽然没有直译出来,但缺了它意思就不完整了,在这儿是个短语;it做you re-plan your time on a weekly basis的代主语,so that 是连接两个句子的,when necessary 做make certain changes 的状语,其它就是主谓宾结构了

A nice person

1. i had no choice but wait until the rain stopped. 2. the room whose window faces east is mine. 3. the mother hasn't heard from his son for a long time. she is very worried. 4. he lives in a house, in front of which there is a tall tree. 5.. you mind being

1.You think you are not wrong. And I said that in! 你认为你没有错,但是我认为你错了. 2.Not to speak after brain thinking! 没思考就没有发言权. 3.You of my? 你是我的吗? 4.Your English is not very serious? 你的英语不是很标准. 5.After


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