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英语翻译这段话 当我冷静下来后,我仔细的思考了一...

您好!当我冷静下来后,我仔细的思考了一下,梦想与现实有恒大的差距,也许是因为我们的努力还不够.但这并不是我们颓废的理由.When I calm down, I carefully thought about, the dream and the reality of the gap, perhaps because of our efforts are not enough. But this is not the reason for our decadent.

他教会了我遇事要冷静思考He taught me to think calmly when coming across trouble

When you are confronted with difficulties, keep calm, don't get flurried and think of a strategy to deal with the situation.

Maybe I should calm down and deeply think about it.

可以有几种翻译方法.例如:I have thought about your question carefully. I think the future of human beings should look like this.或者I thought about your question carefully, I think the future of humanity should be like this.或者I think carefully about your

Perhaps you like the Americans, perhaps as the mistress of the house, but no matter who you are, when you encounter as "Cobra" as the difficulties and adversity, we must learn to calmly face the calm, this is the case, the difficulties and As fate

In I primary school a grade Shi, once accidentally of opportunities, to has Beijing, I on in wanted to yihou I must to opened a five-star hotel, so years, this dream has been are no variable, this is not childhood of a impulse, I think to wanted to

I caught a cold the day before the match, and I felt very sad, and I also wondered whether I could get the first place in tomorrow's match. If I did not get a good grade after practising for such a long time, the efforts I made before would be wasted. The

很酷的照片.这是我的一幅图画在北京.我喜欢有趣的图片.我希望你真的很喜欢夏令营的学校.我度过了一段美好的时光Tonxiang教学孩子.告诉你所有的朋友从学校发电子邮件给我.我想获得电子邮件.我会很想念中国.每个人都很高兴.你在哪个班号码吗? 保持冷静,

There is a matter me aming very sorry, I should not so say you, I think so too superficial.I say that you changed, in fact I don't understand you, you are always that one and only person


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