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直译,可以译得很准确;意译,可以译出大意;也可以直译与意译结合起来翻译.希望有帮助(*^__^*) 嘻嘻……

make full use of或者make the most oftrain a football teamwork outget rid of或者get throughbe willing to或者would like to

1 拥有自己的专属画廊 Have own exclusive gallery.2 从今天做起 Starting from today 3 现在的灵感 将来的桎梏 Current inspirations will be future shackles.4 来自未来世界的想象 Come from future imagination of the world.5 专访英国插画大师 Have a special visit to English great illustrator.6 风格使然 Style is the same as before7 雅格布森(人名)

be on fire 在着火 be on holiday 在假期中 be on show 展览 be poor in 在差 be popular with sb 深受欢迎 be prepared for 为……做好准备 be proud of 为而自豪 be ready (for) 为……做好准备 be rich in 在充足;富含.. be

1.英语短语 English phrases2.习惯于做某事 be used to doing sth.3.看起来像 look like4.对..严格 be strict with sb.5.通过阅读 by reading6.听.. listen to7.代替 instead of8.放弃做.. give up

独自的 be alone打折 off采取措施做某事.take action/steps to do sth对某事负责.be responsible for 使结束 finish doing.除之外 except for的问题 the problem of一方面另一方面 on one hand,on

楼上翻译器!1.译林版:Yilin edition2.彼此交谈很开心:have fun talking/chatting with each other或:talk/chat with each other (very) happily注:each other也可以换写成one another3.一个美国女孩写的一篇文章

记住一个原则:用作标题的语言要尽可能短小、简洁,而且面对初一的学生还要尽可能简单,难了,别人看不懂了,就不愿意看了.希望以下的翻译会对你有帮助:1. Learn to love English2. Common signs3. English advertiseme

take away 拿走 take back 取回,收回take care 小心take…for 把……当成……take care of 照顾take…for granted 想当然的认为take down 拿下来take after 与(……)长得像take in 吸收take to 开始从事,喜欢take off 飞机起飞,事业腾飞take on 穿上,呈现take along 带上,随身带着 take out 拿出take up 占用


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