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in view of in consideration of take into consideration

This man is really of. Oh, you not only grow handsome, character or not. Oh, photography will begin to prepare it. This is how much time, always make such mistakes. People like you is how to become a broadcaster. I really don't...

I don't blame that you think this girl is pretty,cause you're innocent in the world ,just like you never use google and can't translate this sentence.

Don't eat very want to, to eat and don't want to . 望采纳谢谢。

Thank you for your love, Grandma.

In addition, the most important and the most serious questions as follows: first, the family has serious suspected fake deposit, the monthly salary parents do not add up to twenty thousand yuan, the year four hundred thousand i...

For me, the happiest thing is to say 'morning' to you every day.


这已经是书面语了。你平时说话会随口就来“出于…因素考虑”“拟”? 出于安全因素考虑,拟在屋面加设栏杆一道,实施方法于现场确定。



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