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there are many excellent stars in various fields at home and abroad, for example zhou xun in film industry, mo yan in literature, and bolt in the sports circles. my favorite star is zhou xun, who is an outstanding actress. zhou xun watched movies since

changing, the flow of mysterious Guiwei is a beautiful picture, and strong vitality. This author with tenacious perseverance, self-confidence will coincide, so the spirit lifted, the long repressed inner unyielding and proud mood be catharticauthor "

好了, Yixing, stage name LAY, born on October 7, 1991 in China's hunan changsha, in hunan by depending on the "star school" in 2005 won the NBA finals game 3, 2008 through the intense selection become South Korea's biggest

lay1991 was born in october 7th in hunan in 2012 chinese changsha, with exo-m and exo combined membership of the official debut. internal is main dance, singer, musical instruments as vice.his efforts were not expressed in a few words can, he

My favorite band EXO is a Korean Boy Band. There are 12 members in total and equally divided into to bands, EXO-M which stands for EXO-Mandarin, and EXO-K which stands for EXO-Korean. They are two bands when seperate and one whole


nowadays teenagers tend to take some movie stars or singers as their idols. they are crazy about those stars. but i am not one of them. i think such kind of thing is a waste of time and energy. the stars i prefer are the real stars in the universe. i want

My favorite star you want to know who my famous star is .I will tell you he is Mr.Aaron So many reasons that i like him. He has a special voice ,but this is just such a simple answer.First,he gives a wonderful music for all over the world. His songs are

LAY1991 was born in October 7th in Hunan in 2012 Chinese Changsha, with EXO-M and EXO combined membership of the official debut. Internal is main dance, singer, musical instruments as vice.His efforts were not expressed in a few words

我也是初二的.我帮你吧.我最爱武艺了.望采纳.My favourite star is called Philip.A lovely boy.He is born in 1990.11.3.In this summer holiday,I met him in the happy boy.He grow resembles Monchichi.A lovely monkey.I like the sound of his voice


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