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I have a 19-year-old female friend,we are high school classmates and roommates.

I have a good friend. She is from China and she is 11 years old. She is a lovely girl.She is my classmate and we often study together. She likes English very much so her English is very good. Her Chinese and maths are good too. She is a good girl.She is Jiang Jin Xuan

英语翻译,我的朋友罗海燕,她是我的同桌也是我的室友,我们有着共同的爱好者,喜欢一起去逛街吃东西,一起去玩,喜欢打乒乓球,我很喜欢她 my friend is luhaiyian,she is my destmate and roommate; we have the same hobbies such as ,go shopping,play together,we all like playing table tennis,i like her very much 望采纳,谢

她和我是高中同学 She and I are classmates of high school

我有一群可爱的室友 I have a group of lovely roommate


When I hear someone who greets me every morning with "bonjour”, I know it is him, a French whose name is Stanley. He is a 13-year-old boy with brown hair. He has big eyes and a big nose. He looks like his father. We always tell Stanley that he

主意说话技巧,找到共同的话题. 3.总之就是真诚待人让同学或室友搞好关系其实并不困难做到以下几点,微笑待人.比如在路上遇到同学要主动打招呼. 2.在宿舍想和室友搞好关系就要多了解宿舍里每一个人的爱好及相关问题并且在每次谈话中要注意在说话的语气: 1.在同学面前尽可能的让他们看到自己好的一面同时要记得时刻真诚待人

I have a good friend.Her name is xiao fang.She is our classmate.She is taller than me.She has big eyes and long straight hair.She is very beautiful.She likes singing very much.I like staying with her because it is very happy to stay with her.

I want to make full use of each chance to communicate with others in English,such as with my teachers ,classmates and roommates.orI 'd like to make good use of each opportunity to communicate with others in English,such as with my teachers ,classmates and roommates.祝你开心如意!


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