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You're an excellent boy, it's my honor to recognize you. I have no idea why you would like me, but we have language barriers which will make the communication between us quite difficult. Besides, we are too far away, and we know little about each


喂! 大家! 我的名字是Liumengtong.我在北京,中国住. 我`m 15岁和我的生日是在May.I可以讲中文和少许英语.I上午是中等高度,并且我有与玻璃的长的头发. 我喜欢做一些读书和戏剧计算机. 我的favorit主题在学校英语,它是乐趣. P.

I have lots of interest, such as singing, dancing, drawing and so on.

谢谢用英语有几种表达方式 thanks thank you thank you very much.thanks a lot.great thanks.many thanks.thank you all the same.等

All I think of is you; my mind is always filled with you; my day sucks without you. Honey, I miss you, I love you.

绝对正确! Because too care about you, so you could not rest assured, if hurt you, so sorry.

My name is Jay.I have been working in the Mi Qi of the year.I learned a lot of things in that.In addition, English and computer I have a keen interest and enthusiasm.And I

Hello, I am XXX,from XXX school, major in exhibition. I am friendly, helpful and easygoing. I hope that I can get an opportunity to work in your company in order to get more experience. Thanks.



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