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I have had a dream since my boyhood. I want very much to be a doctor. I want to be a doctor because doctors can cure patients and thus make people healthy and happy. Doctors can offer their help to the poor people so that more people can get

my ideal job My ideal work has many, for instance doctor, police, boss, entrepreneur, scientist .But I most like working as boss. When boss has many advantage for example: May make money, buy the house, to buy the car, to be filial piety the

my dream yesterday, we had a discussion. the topic is. what is my dream? every one has his dream. some want to be teachers,others want to be scientists. my dream is to become a doctor.(希望成为医生)my friends asked me why. i told them my


我梦想中的工作是白领,去上班是以车代步,每天是8小时工作制,双休日不要上班,如果要上就要双倍薪水 节假日当然也是放假,万一要上班,不好意思那就是3倍的薪水.每年过春节,是要发年终奖的.这样的工作.当然要一个舒适的工作

My dream job When I was a yang girl ,I likeed singing and dancing ,so I want to be a singer .If I become a singer ,I will be able to make a living doing someing I love .Of course ,I will give money to schools and charities,and do a lot of work to help

My ideal is a reporter (我的理想是当记者) Ideal is the beacon life navigation. Every person should have his own ideal. Some people have become scientists or the astronomers yes I would, some people just want to do an ordinary workers, people'

Everyone has a dream in his hearts , and my ideal is to be a teacher.每一个人心中都有一个梦想,我理想中的工作是当一名老师.I grew up longing to be a teacher, a man who wants to achieve their dreams, it is necessary to select their favorite


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