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如捡到 归还 英文


pick up things

pick get 都OK的

I found a lost cell phone 还有pick up没有捡到的意思.

A: Excuse me, madam, is this wallet yours? B :No, it's not mine. A: Oh, I see. Thank you. Hello, sir, is this your wallet? C: No. it isn't. A: OK. Excuse me, sir, would you please help me find the owner of this wallet. D: Yes, ...

If you pick up my book . 祝学习进步,天天快乐!

paid-for giving back

htt如何学好英语,我总结出了以下几点。以供参考。 首先,要学好英语,最关键的是要有兴趣。俗话说:兴趣是最好的老师。教我们英语的是一位 年轻的老师,他讲课很风趣,还总是让我们自己上台讲课,演小品。生动的英语教学,让我对英语产生了浓厚...

Recent years,Wether return money you picked or not has become a seirous question.

如果你捡到钱包请给我打电话 ------- Please telephone me if you ( happen to ) find the wallet / purse .


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