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I'm sincerely sorry for... I am terribly sorry for... I am sorry, really. I am really sorry that... I apologize for ...

第二种用得更多。如: We did well / carefully .

Here I sincerely make an apology to you.I hope you can forgive me.

in the pools and fountains of

Yours sincerely 不过如果你是用在商业信函的结尾,那么认识的人用: Yours sincerely, 不认识的人用:Yours faithfully

I apologized to you again sincerely againto ask your forgiveness.

Sincerely Good faith Sincere In good faith Faith也不错

sincerely 真诚地 adv. empressement 真诚, 热心 n.

回答和翻译如下 : 真诚地希望 Sincerely hope

treat people honestly


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