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Dear XXX(道歉对象), I am indeed very sorry that I XXX(为什么道歉,哪里错了,解释原因) I sincerely hope you can understand my situation and accept my apology. I would really appreciate it if you can forgive me this time. XXX(...

Dear __ I'm sorry to you that we made you so sad! I know you are kindly to us,, you want to teach our very very good, but we can't realize your effort ,we don;t put our heart to your class, and we didn't take time to remember t...

I apologized to you again sincerely againto ask your forgiveness.

Here I sincerely make an apology to you.I hope you can forgive me.

真诚的的英文翻译是sincere,句中作形容词使用,具体解析如下: sincere 英 [sɪnˈsɪə(r)] 美 [sɪnˈsɪr] adj.真诚的,诚挚的;〈古〉纯粹的,不掺假的;真心实意的;真实的 相关短语: 1、Sincere Heart 拳拳之...

So I give you an advice that you should apologize to her sincerely and buy her a same pen.

I/We do apologize to you sincerely. do表强调,加强语气。 sincerely也是真诚的,真挚的

I (do)apologize sincerely to all of you .我向你们真诚的道歉。(那个do可要可不要,主要起强调作用,表示自己真的很心诚)下面的也行哈。Please accept my sincere apology to all of you。请接收我向你们真诚的道歉。 I have a sincere ap...

翻译:你应该真诚的道歉。 you should sincerely apologize 和you should apologize sincerely! 第二种对,因为sincerely是副词,要放在动词后

Yours sincerely 不过如果你是用在商业信函的结尾,那么认识的人用: Yours sincerely, 不认识的人用:Yours faithfully


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