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去年我宁愿步行上学,也不愿骑车。英文翻译。LAst yEAr I______________to

preferred walking riding there

你好!我宁愿骑车,不愿走路I prefer to ride a bike, don't want to walk

英语完成句子1, 我宁可骑车上班也不愿开车.I would like to ride a bike _work than_ drive a car to my work.2, 有时,拍摄一部电影需要好几千人参与.Sometimes , _thousands of_people can be involved in _take_ a movie.

1.I prefer to come on foot,rather than come by bike.2.He will recover from the shock.3.I had been expecting to receive the present from him.

翻译成英文是:I couldn't ride a bike last year满意请采纳,谢谢!

步行上学 walk to school

我宁愿骑自行车上学也不坐公交车的翻译是:I'd rather ride a bike to school without taking a bus

During the last year i took 76-year-old father out for a trip.去年我带着76岁的老爸出去旅游了.

Bike is a popular means of transportation .It is a friendly environment transport tool.I like riding bikes when go travelling or go shopping.Nowdays motor cars are increasingly popular but I think it will cause a lot of damage to us .First it will give out lots

我上班的时候宁愿走路而不是骑自行车. 英文: I prefer walking to cycling when I go to work. 注:完全没有问题,希望帮助到您.请及时点击采纳.



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