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We have large factory, specializing in the production of t-shirts, shirt, skirt and cowboys. Welcome customers and offer free samples, do. 5-8 days of delivery. Can also take the customer to fabric market and clothing market selection model(嗯,应该还可以,别忘采纳喔)

oscilloscope is a very extensive use of electronic measuring instruments. it is invisible to the naked eye can transform electrical signals into visible images, allowing people to study various electrical phenomena of the change process. oscilloscope

Respect of international company leader:Hello!Thank you in spite of being very busy toglance pull redundancy for reading my letter of recommendation.The sails, depend on your dongfeng power! I am chongqing university city institute of technology,

楼主要多靠自己动手啊,我这儿帮你直译一下: In my opinion, it is necessary to own several best friends! Unlike comparable friends that I have got, ** is the best of them. We were classmates in the junior middle school. Although we didn't know


the dead years like a muddled dream she never know how many of the silent night, i think she'd love, tears surge to how many times to see her unhappy, i would follow absurdly bad mood maybe we were together, then it is still too young age, the

I know you met a lot of difficulties in your study of learning chinese ,I think it's natural to meet difficulties in the process of learning a language .maybe you can see more , watch more chinese programes ,read more chinese stories and learn more

First is to introduce myself, is a little bit quiet character, but sometimes play more crazy. And then tell everyone is the subject of English, once I also want to learn English well, through a year of effort also no improvement, so the English very

A doctor, unexpectedly like gulliver voyage. Poor salary, though, the navigation are always has his risk is met. The bad egg in 1969, take "antelope" nanyang, can go to the ship foundered, what can I say? Gulliver in struggle, or beat after still live.

abstract su shi's opinion towards actistic creation was " a well-regulated mind" in advance. this means that a comprehensive plan should be settled before action. zheng banqiao, on the other hand, suggested "no regulated mind". these two


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