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整个句子看起来类似谚语,所以句子的成分不会是常规的主谓宾定状补.谚语、习语因为沉淀了先人智慧和民间习俗,多使用祈使句式,如此句.Good,better,best;never let it rest,till

1.Having little understanding of natural causes是现在分词短语作原因状语.2.Perceiving an apparent connection between certain actions performed by the group and the

In March 1998, a friend of Williams's(主语) got(谓语) him involuntarily confined(宾语,get sb. adj.) to a treatment center for addictions, (目的状语)and wrote to inform(谓宾) the casino of Williams's gamblers. The casino included a


scientists believe that 后面都是believe的宾语.【what is called creativity】 is simply 【the ability to apply skills learned in one setting to problems in another setting】.前面【】是主语从句.后面【】是宾语.the ability to apply skills 【(省略that is)learned in one setting】 to problems in another setting【】修饰skills.这部分的主干是the ability to apply A to B

这是一个句子.属于长句,或者说复句.主句应该是,I had been passing alone ,and found myself,其他的都是修饰成分.套了些定语从句什么的.

some,someand some就是nearly 3000 women当中的,“他们中的一些.一些.和一些.”那第二个some后面省略了和第一个some后面相同的of whom had learnt to read




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