www.fltk.net > 求英文翻译“只要你足够优秀,她就会爱上你。”语法正确,不要翻译器翻译的。


您好,翻译如下:As long as you are good enough, she'll

翻译是:Only oneself is excellent enough, one then hav

I will chase you as soon as I'm excellent enou

在你没有足够强大足够优秀时的英文翻译 When you aren't strong and


when I'm good enough, I'll go to chase you

I believe that one day I will be excellent enough

译文 When I'm good enough, I'll hug you thro

因为他们足够优秀,所以才会有人嫉妒 Потому что они достаточно хорош

Please wait until I am excellent enough. --来自上海精锐


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