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求翻译成英文: “我爸爸允许我一周玩一小时游戏。”

Everyweek my father allow me to play game of an ho

On weekends, my father often swims for an hour.

这位父亲开始几乎要崩溃了,但是孩子们开心的笑容让他也快快乐了起来。 The father star

这句话有几种表达法: What surprised me was that my father s

翻译如下: 我爸爸这几天心情不好,总是发脾气 My father is in a bad moo

I love my father and mother and they love me,too.

1.There are five people in my family,who are grand

You go to ask your father.

外貌或行为,像父或母 To look or act like a parent

My father died / passe away the other day / a few


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