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请英语大神帮我分析一下这句话,LiFE is likE A gAmE 人生就像一场游戏

Life is like a game What will be your response if someone claims that your life is just like a game? Angry or take it at ease. Should we take this question into serious attitude or give a leisure answer since life is full of ups and downs and therefore we


life like a game

人生就像一场戏,每个人都会演戏英文: Life is like a play, everyone will act.

game for all the life游戏人生

有道翻译:Life is a game we all in their play their own game

life is like a travei travel

Life is like games, the ultimate goal is not to beat everyone, but won their respect!!

人生就像一场旅行,不在乎目的地,在乎得是沿途的风景和看风景的心情,让心灵去旅行.Life is just like a travel, does not care about the destination, have to care about the scenery along the way and see the scenery of the heart, let the soul travel.

Life is just like a race, in which you win or lose.



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