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请帮忙英文翻译下面的两句话! 谢谢!

We are sorry that the factory can not accept any additional volume at the moment, because they don't have sufficient time to produce. Please handle the previous open orders first and send the official order to up by today. Thanks!

The equipments in the factory printing the label are backwards. Therefore, the clour of the label still shows quite diffenrent with that of the color box even after debuggings once and again. I have planned to deal with the problem in the factory

I am very sorry that this factory can not make a complete box for you, but can only provide the printed draft. Could you please help confirm it?In addition, tommorrow I will po

We have received this card. However, please be informed that it has been late for 15 days than that as planned. I do not know whether we could meet the delivery time, but we will try.I am very sorry that the following two samples are still not made and

the main focus of your question depends on who in the phrase 'the strategies will differ depending upon who they are seeking to communicate with. 'whom, indeed , is a more

1. People have voiced, moon month. 2. You will never understand my shangbei, like daytime don't understand night black, like forever burning sun don't understand month circle lacks,

I am still waiting on some other factories' quotes, I will update

1.wait a minute, i am going to your room right now.2.if you need something, call 8088, we will be glad to help如果您需要用的场合不一样,可能需要的翻译也不一样上面两句话都是根据字面翻译的,不够正式和专业建议找一些专业人士祝您好运!

1. naive and stupid people do not replies, found that delete 2. prior to december 31, 2012, must master the disciplines: economics, finance, english, french 望采纳

1.Maybe D&G has accepted to prepay 30% deposit to you. Pls note it's urgent for you to place orders to us today.TKS.2.You can choose the two terms of payment as below.3.We have added the "US$" to the amount on the chart,and we have revised the S/C,pls find the attachment and pls sign,then send back to us.


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