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FT masters Salon will be held on March 22 (Friday) was held in Beijing, we invited the United Kingdom Deputy Editor and Chief economic commentator Martin Wolf of the financial times (Martin Wolf) as speaker, and Chinese readers to share his


AbstractTo achieve the major objective in human capital development, explainations on thearical concepts, an introduction of initial establishment, a statement for historic development will be presented firstly. Moreover, a reveiw of HC invetments

One's achievement depends on whether his habits are good or bad. Good habits can bring you to heaven while bad ones can send you to the hell. Since habits are so impotant for our life, it becomes more important for us to develop good habits and

一个吃饭不给钱的镜头 Soapy 没有放弃.他进入了一家名字一般的餐厅,想要一点东西吃,他没有钱. 他很快的想出了个办法,"在一张桌子旁他坐下吃了牛排,小煎饼,油炸圈和派." 吃完一顿丰盛的饭后,他告诉侍者他一点钱也没有. "马上

什么是外汇风险? 外汇风险管理首先确定哪些项目和金额,厂商面对的风险与汇率变化有关.资产,负债,利润或预期未来现金流量的变化,是好还是坏,其父母或本国货币的价值.这个词,暴露在环境中使用的外汇,是指一个企业拥有资产,

Let me see the concept of labor market, labor market is an important part of the market system. The labor market information can help us understand what is working for us, what is the ability to work in good prospects for development, where can I

As the concept of green consumption has been going deep into the public continuously, how to construct economical and green hotels has become a topic highly-concerned among the hotel industry. Based on the actual condition of hotels, this

最后的有这几种写法:aftermost conclusive culminating dernier eventual last lattermost rearmost ultimate the last invitation 重点指最后一张邀请函the final invitation 指最终的邀请函

Smart phone possesses all the functions that cellphone has, in addition, it has movie watching online, recieving and sending emails, which is very convinent. By downloading many apps, smart phone can be stronger in its own capacity.Smart



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