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Please Don't Go - Joel Adams 看看是不是这首

Please Don't Go不用谢应该就是这个

please don’t go

Joel adams-please don't go 看看

paint it black ——Ciara 《最后的女巫》电影主题曲


And I wanna believe you When you tell me that it'll be ok Ya I try to believe you But I don't When you say that it's gonna be It always turns out to be a different way I try to believe you Not today today today today today I do...

Conquest of Paradise,看看这个bgm是不是有战争片悲怆的感觉,开头就是嗯嗯嗯的哼唱

Sweet Child O' Mine 播放 歌手:Guns N' Roses en.............................. She got a smile that it seems to me Reminds me of childhood memories Where everything Was as fresh as the bright blue sky Now and then when I see her...

please don't go


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