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shinin star - Davina You're the light in my dark You're the sky, I'm the stars You're the mind, I'm the heart You and I are part of each other Baby ain't no other man above ya Baby cause ya got it like that Ooooh... There is so...

Miles Away - Mia Martina Now you left me so broken-hearted I'm at your mercy I hope you find what you're searching for Now that you're free And when the world fills your day with sorrow Will you think of me? I hope that you nev...

takin' back my love ~ 听听 应该是这个 http://www.quick.fr/fichiers/fckeditor/Flash/zikmenu/common/music/EnriqueIglesias-TakinBackMyLove.mp3

我感觉是me and my broken heart这首歌~你可以去听试试

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歌名:Heart Broken 歌词如下: oh, confessions to, i to, i, i to, oh, oh aint seen no 'fashions too, oh, oh 'fashion to, i to, i, i too, oh, oh aint seen no dream come true) [verse 1] sitting here at home thinking 'bout you all ...

是不是i'm only gotta break break break your heart

Breaking my heart------Michael learns to rock

Five Hundred Miles - Justin Timberlake (feat Carey Mulligan & Stark Sands) If you miss the train I'm on You will know that I am gone You can hear the whistle blow a hundred miles A hundred miles a hundred miles A hundred mile...

P!nk-Just Give Me A Reason.


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