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Is horizontal empty independence, have never depended on have no alongside of the painter is painting Gao Lou in the city. Snare sceneryAngles for fish in the gulf, appreciates the scenery of opposite city and enjoys the United States of city and

1.No wonder the sight of it should send the memories of quite a number of the old generations back 36 years ago.毫无疑问,眼前的情景把大部分老一代人的记忆带回到了36年前 (此句参考了网上翻译.)2.He was a clever man; a pleasant

1, it is only only one root, drill into the depths, looking for a place with water. It was a need for tenacious hard work, and one often need to spend four to five years in the dry desert in search of water, and then a little accumulation of nutrients, it is

Dubai is the second largest city of The United Arab Emirates. This is an exceeding extravagant country, where the price of planting each tree needs above 3000 U. S. dollars. There are several most expensive hotels in the world here.It has nobleman

Along with our country market economy unceasing development and the consummation, the corresponding system and mechanism reform, provide development space and the stage to show their talent also expand the channels of employment of

1.请问你能帮我解答这道数学题吗? Caould you help me with this maths problem? 2.你知道火灾是怎样发生的吗? Do you know how the fire broke out? 3.婚礼什么时候举行? When is the wedd

正在所以倾向于认为双方的美国文化与中国文化很多一样.事实上,他们的差异远远超过了其相似之处,在我们的日常生活中. 举例来说, partings ,为中国涉及一定数额的仪式和大量的1 - upmanship .中国人觉得他们必须看到一个客户到最


他称赞/恭维了那个承办人.那个承办人不但挺骄傲的,还有点自鸣得意地高兴.但并非是那个承办人给了他最终的面孔(这里的give him that last face要根据上下文来译),承办人只是做了一点浮华的、艺术价值可疑的修补而已.



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