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1.I think that our team will win the game.2.He knows that his mother is a nurse.3.We believe that she will be back tomorrow.

Do you know how old he is?I don't know where he lives.Please tell me whether you like English or not.I want to know whether you have been in Japan or notDo you know when he will be home tomorrow?I am not sure if he's going swimming or not

我们相信明天会更好的英文翻译We believe that tomorrow will be better[原文]我们相信明天会更好

一、宾语从句的引导词 宾语从句通常由连词that和whether (if)、连接代词或连接副词以及关系代词型what引导: 1. that引导 We believe that he is honest. 我们相信他是诚实的. The doctor insists that I give up smoking医生坚持要我戒烟. I suggest

1. I don't know if/ whether he is at home.2. I don't think Mary will come back.3. I don't believe what he said,4. Do you know where he is working?5. You should consider what he has bought.

为你解答.1、她确定明天会下雨.She is sure that it's going to rain tomorrow.2、他说他觉得很开心.He said he felt very happy.3、他们说他们想要几本书.They said that they wanted some books.

你好!应该是定语从句吧?翻译:I want to talk to the girl who welcomed me yesterday.百度教育团队【海纳百川团】为您解答 如满意,请点击“选为满意答案”按钮,谢谢~

请告诉我你什么时候回来.Please tell me when you will come back.他说他很累.He said that he was tired.我想知道你做完作业了吗?I wonder if you've finish your homework.经理说他下周要去上海.The manager s

用宾语从句翻译,如果你能照着我说的去做,你会拥有健康的.You will be healthy if you do as I tell you to do.

I don't know how the weather will be like tomorrowI don't know where the man come from


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