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我的家乡台州位于浙江中部海岸,台州自然风光雄奇秀丽。 古朴庄严。玄远清幽。清晨,人们早早地起床了,透

逐句翻好,希望能帮到你我的家乡,是一个美丽的小城.My hometown is a small be

我的家乡英语作文(共6篇)    我的家乡(myhometown)  myhometownisGui

My home town is Huizhou and it is a beautiful plac

  Harbin is the capital and largest city of Heilo

My hometown In the cool autumn autumn grandfather

My hometown is a beautiful place. The most attract

你可以先用中文写 我给你翻译 因为不是很了解当地

My hometown is located at the foot of Taihang Moun

Wenzhou (simplified Chinese: 温州; traditional Chine


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