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街区 [词典] block; street; square; [电影] Barrio; [例句]沿着街道往北过了一个街区,我找到了一个停车常 A block up the street I found a parking lot.

in my neighborhood

My neighborhood Now I want to tell you something about my neighborhood. In my neighborhood,there are many buildings for keeping good health,for example,a pingpang training-room.And there is aslo a swimming pool for you to have ...

nearby district

block 英 [blɒk] 美 [blɑ:k] n. 块;街区;大楼,大厦;障碍物,阻碍 vt. 阻止;阻塞;限制 第三人称单数: blocks 复数: blocks 现在分词: blocking 过去式: blocked 过去分词: blocked

街区制 Block system 例句: 通过对历史街区里一个模数制多可能性居住体的探索,阐明居住应是城市形态·历史记忆·社会结构的综合产物。 By exploring a modular housing system in a historical street, the author indicatesthat housing should ...

两部 Banlieue 13 (2004) 暴力街区 2004 法国 科幻/动作 法语导演pierre morel 主演大卫 ·贝尔(david belle) 达米埃· 西里尔(cyril rafaeli) 托尼· 达玛修(tony d'amario)------------------------------------------------------中文名: ...

street road

The community I live in is a very pleasant place. People in my neighborhood are very nice and hospitable. We have a supermarket, a hospital, a kindergarten and a school in our community. Also, we have a beautiful park. If you c...


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