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Hi, here is the translation below, just for your references, and I hope it could be helpful. thanks. 我的名字叫埃利斯.托马斯,来自澳大利亚悉尼,今年18岁了。最近我第一次乘坐了火车!我和我的一位朋友乘坐著名的Ghan线专列,从悉尼上...

my first ride on a motor train. my family and i went to the home of aunt by motor train last weekend. the motor train is so fast and quiet that i even can't feel a little bump.it's so comfortable.the view through the window lea...

For me,I've paid large numbers of visits to various interesting places by plan or by sea,however,I haven't got any experience of taking a train.Recently,my first ride on a train came which impressed me a lot.That is the way to ...

我没见过 我都高三了


供参考的范例 Module 1 Unit 2 Heroes Lesson 1 Modern Heroes 说课教案 (一) 教学内容 1. 本课是Unit 2 heroes Lesson 1 Modern Heroes 的第一课时。本单元分别介绍了National hero, History makers,Sports stars 和 Superhero。这几篇文...

中国人说 放在膝盖上 英语 不是用 “on”my lap 而是用【in】 my lap 在坐火车回家的路上,我坐着的膝盖上放着一罐苹果酱。

My first ride on a train. 我第一次坐火车。 希望可以帮到你!


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