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急,英语试题 帮忙解答

Who is older than Jim? Whom are you older than? 2.Who is much stronger than dog? Whom is elephant much stromger than? 3.Whose classroom is bigger than theirs? Whose classroom is our classroom bigger than? 望采纳.........

1.our 2.there 3.she 4.her 5.we,some 6.some,them 7.there 8.some,her 9.any 10.he 11.there


1 There is always some obstacle in the way, something ______ before we realize the real goal of education. 首先,obstacle是要被越过,所以肯定是被动,A或D,A---to be got through 将要被越过,D---having been got through 现在完成进...

1.on the phone 2.thinking about 3.was watching TV 4.making dinner rang 5.so he couldn't 6.was making


A B A B A What can the new maths monitor do? 保证正确!望采纳!谢谢!

答案:1-4-3-2-5-6-9-7-8-10, -1这是一个阳光明媚的早上 -4罗宾逊,准备去草坪上坐会儿,突然听到“等一等” -3这是一只小蚂蚁,他说,不要坐下去,某一天我会帮到你 -2-别着急,我不坐下就是了 -5第二天早上下雨了 -6罗兵逊抛锚了他很急 -9然而他...

为你解答。 1、Daming wants to eat a hot dog. 2、Simon wants to eat a hamburger. 3、Simon's dad wants to eat a hamburger, too. 4、They want to drink cola. 5、It's thirteen dollars and twenty-five cents.


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