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because your honored company is VIP for us,we can arrange the production in advance,and we can figure the delivery time at within 60days after we recieve the order, and there is no need to add more time.

Key words : reliability of automated precision manufacturing technology with the rapid development of modern science and technology, new technology, new technology the development of competing products. The new technology, new ...

I'll go crazy if keep like this.


Your company is an international company which have been covering many countries, I think i will have a good play here with my advantages.

非常感谢您孩子的热情款待 和在我访问贵国期间您显示的真诚.

Time will not really helps us solve any problems, it just makes our unsolved problem become no longer important.

The Talents Exchange Service Centre of Ministry of Health provides item pool and technical support in the test.卫生部人才交流服务中心The Talents Exchange Service Centre of Ministry of Health 它的网站上没有。

The fragrance of a flowers reprensents my love, which just between you and me. 翻译的不好。我只能说,大部分情况下中文诗意化的语言都是通过意译,即解释这句话的意思来翻译的。所以流程大概就是 诗意化语言翻译成一般语言再翻译成英语, ...

XXX is now studying in the financial management class in the accounting department in the university. 我校应该是大学吧,要么写university,要么写college,school像中学、小学。


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