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Key words : reliability of automated precision manufacturing technology with the rapid development of modern science and technology, new technology, new technology the development of competing products. The new technology, new ...


the attached is the wonderful photos 附件中有很多美妙绝伦的照片 以上这句英文是正确的。 理由:the attached (附件)是一个整体,应看作是单数,尽管这个附件中有很多张照片,不可因为附件中的照片很多而错误地认为系动词用are,这句话的主...

I have been busy with a lot of classes, so I ask your forgiveness if you find that I lack preparation for my classes.

because your honored company is VIP for us,we can arrange the production in advance,and we can figure the delivery time at within 60days after we recieve the order, and there is no need to add more time.

Until now, I have received my Visa, if you have your excuse me to send out your Visa? What is the express mail? Best can tell me this express delivery of number, convenient I tracking. thank

猫の文化の形成は、日本の地理环境、日本民族の审美観、更には日本民族の民族性、民族の心理などと密接な関系にあったのです。 平假名 ねこのぶんかのけいせいは、にほんのちりかんきょう、にほんみんぞくのしんびかん、さらにはにほんみんぞく...

The Talents Exchange Service Centre of Ministry of Health provides item pool and technical support in the test.卫生部人才交流服务中心The Talents Exchange Service Centre of Ministry of Health 它的网站上没有。

As the Joint Venture company is under registration, so that no certificate of registration is obtained. Attached herewith the existing relevant registration papers for your reference (record). "附上现有的相关注册文件供你留存." ...

All prices are the original prices offered by the company.We haven't consulted about the price.If it is decided,the price can be a little bit lower.


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