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A : I'm sorry for last time上次很抱歉 B:"Oh, what's wrong? Why do you apologize?"有什么问题吗?你干嘛道歉? A:"Don't you remember that last time...?”难道你不记得上次了吗? B: "Oh that's okay. No problem for that"哦,那没什么,不要紧...

怎样道歉和怎样接受道歉 我想,中文的你自己应该知道 要如何说和如何回答 你可以找百度翻译看看

I'm sorry to trouble you. Not at all.

B: A,I’m sorry I’m late,because my clock is broken. A: It dosen’t matter. B: Thank you for your forgive. A: Now,please take out your tiket and then go to the cinema B: Ok,waite a moment A: Sure B: Oh my god! I can’t find my tic...

-Can you help me with this work tomorrow? -So sorry, I'd love to, but I have to stay at home and look after my sick mum. 明天能帮我做这个工作吗? 很抱歉,我想帮你,但是我得待家家里照顾我生病的妈妈。


Sorry,teacher i am late,l stayed up till midnight and i over slept this morning

Excuse me. Is this where I catch the bus for the zoo?Well,you can take the No.36 bus from here, but then you have to walk about 30 minutes.

sorry i am late that ok do not late again


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