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《The Salt Wound Routine》 -Thirteen Senses 《a thousand miles》-vanessa carlton 《A Million Miles Away》-Rihanna 《Gomenasai》-TATU 《It's Amazing》-Jem 《How Did I Fall In Love With Yo》-Backstreet Boys 《Cross Every River 》...

C’mon Let Me Ride - Skylar Grey&Eminem you got a sweet tooth, 你的嘴上功夫了得 You can taste my watermelons 那姐的双峰便不再只是你的梦想 If the swing set bores you 要是姑娘们的花活你也看腻 I can show you all my talents 那你...

A Great big world - say something Sam smith - stay with me John legend - all of me Bruno mars - when i was your man 这几首好像都是钢琴曲伴奏的 有没有? 望采纳~

Don t Push Me——Sweetbox


In The Closet - Michael Jackson she's just a lover 她就是个能让我 who's doin' me by 兴奋的情人 it's worth the giving 值得去给予 it's worth the try 值得去尝试 you cannot cleave it 你不能太冷淡 or put it in the furnace 或过于火热...


It's Over 播放 歌手:Tynisha Keli 语言:英语 所属专辑:The Chronicles Of TK 发行时间:2009-04-14

turn around bright eyes?~是有这句吧? glee - total eclipse of the heart 去下载吧~~哈哈,很好听的。

I Love You-Woodkid Where the light shivers off shore Through the tides of oceans We are shining in the rising sun As we are floating in the blue I am softly watching you Oh boy your eyes betray what burns inside you Whatever I ...


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