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翻译英语句子 急急急急急急!!!

I am twenty years old .I am in Taizhou Zhejiang now and my job is a kindergarten teacher.

i study in No.5 Senior Middle School which is far from the centre of the city. our school is quiet and it is a good place for learing. it was founded in 1949, the same years when the PRC was founded. there are 198 teachers and 1500 stuednets. the

1、Where are they from?2、Two of them from the British, and two from the United States of America.3、They are the girls?4、No, two is a girl, the two is a boy.

We have four classes in the morning,and two in the afteroon.the first lesson begins at 8'o clock,most of the lessons are Medicine professional course and English.After lunch and lesson 6,then we'll learn english.when half past four in the afternoon

Do you like red or yellow?What's the weather like in Beijing today ? It's raining.Where's Tom's house ? Between the park and the post office.What's your first maths teacher look like ? She has short curly hair.What's your sister doing? She's washing her clothes.

Why my surname is Liu? Because it's my dad's surname , and Chinese custom is to follow the family name of father. What about the first name Ting? It represents my parents' hope that I can grow up with a graceful figure.

children are interested in playing computer games. i bought a pair of sports shoes yesterday. mary skated a long time yesterday for me, collecting stamp is interesting does tom like listening to music? in order for donating for charity, students are

1. I do not know whether it was going to rain tomorrow 2. We are healthy body entire family 3. They may learn it in school? No, in that they can not. 4. We have been concerned about you? 5. Uncle Wang's job is to raise these sheep it? Yes,

1, receive your reply me very happy. 2, have you been? 3 and look forward to receiving your reply. 4, wish you all OK.

spends less moneylearns fewer subjectshas the least leisure timeis different fromwalk on anymore


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