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翻译英语句子 急急急急急急!!!

You ought to go to school Picture a what? There i

1.If there are no plants,the land will become dese

I:Tina,你觉得你是和你妹妹Tara是不同的吗? Tina:噢,是的。虽然我们看起来很想但我们

1.那年轻人走进办公室,径直走向那女孩,手里拿着一束玫瑰花。(用with的复合结构) The y

1. 天生我才必有用。 All things in their being

Investors would be wise to look at the long-term p

翻译成中文?? 【摘要】作为一个重要的通讯资料,公共标志具有日益重要的全球通信。这是一个特殊的文本

1. we are the first and only one 2. the departure

Dingding gate, a world cultural heritage, was buil

1.I would rather go with you. 2.I prefer to read


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