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你去哪了?Where did you go?Where have you been?Where were you?

你好!where did you go?are you abroad now?打字不易,采纳哦!

where are you going

你今天去哪里? where are you going today?

Where are you going to? 你要去哪儿?Where have you been to? 你去了哪儿?

用where have you gone these days ?可以,但是不及Where have you been all these days? 贴切.Where did you go these days?既然是go,那么就是短暂动作,不可能跟these days这样的一段时间连用连用;have gone是可以跟一段时间连用,但是对于“你这几天去哪里了?”这样的表达,Where have you been (all) these days.更加常用.你可以到www.google.cn 搜索这几个句子,查看哪个出现频率高就知道了.Where have you been all these years.是英语900句中的例句!

why have you been to shanghai again?---如果对方已经在上海了,不在你身边的表达.此动作已经发生,而且是一直发生的,因为他还在上海的表达.why did you go to shanghai again? --不能这样表达,因为这种时态是针对一个动作了,不可能这个动作要这么久的.所以应该选择-----现在完成时.

Where did you go just now?

你要去哪里英语 怎么说要How to say in English " Where are you going "(1) Where are you goinig now ?(2) Where are you heading for ?(3) Where are you leaving for ?(4) What place do you want to go ?(5) Where is your destination ?

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