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1Don't forget to attach file to be sent with the mail when such file is needed,or, you should recollect this message in time.2Pay attention to mail format which should be well arranged3For mail to be sent to the whole staff , and mail format should be in

父母 parents,表弟 cousin,姑姑 aunt姑夫 uncle姐姐 sister弟弟 little brother

grief is itself a medicine悲伤本身就是一副药剂.

My name is Huang Nuoxuan, my English name is Anna, is a13 year old girl, love to eat snacks, lollipops and chocolate. Usually, I like to play with my friend, also likes to play computer games. My idol is Fei Lunhai, they are so handsome, singing is

妹妹 sister 叔叔 伯伯 不用特别区分时都用 uncle 表示,需要区分可以使用从句 姑姑 婶婶 aunt 好朋友 good friend 妈妈 书面用mother, 英国口语中用mun,美国口语中用mom,亲切点可以用mummy 爸爸 书面用father,口语中dad,亲切点可以用dady

爸爸的哥哥--,伯伯 弟弟,--叔叔 姐姐,妹妹,---姑姑 妈妈的哥哥,弟弟,----舅舅 姐姐,妹妹-----姨妈

Mr.Smith looks (out)of the window.There is a little boy on the other side of the street.The boy ( take)a piece of bread out of a bag and begins to eat it. There is a very thin dog in the street,too.The boy says to it,“Come here,good dog.I'm going to ( give


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